Created to Serve

The Santa Clarita Valley Facilities Foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation founded to provide financial assistance to the William S. Hart Union School District in locating, acquiring, and developing new school sites.

Each project begins with a request from the Hart District based upon the school district's projected growth and long-term strategic planning goals. Acquisition and development of school sites in this manner enables the school district to meet student population needs independent of new home developments.

The seven-member Board of Directors serves on a volunteer basis, without pay or compensation for services. In addition to five community leaders appointed to the board, two additional seats have been created as a means of expanding independent oversight: one seat reserved for the Hart District Board President and a second seat held for the district superintendent or his designee.

Although not a legislative body, the Foundation follows the "open-meeting" laws. A complete listing of recent meeting agendas and minutes can be found by clicking on the Meeting Info link. Agendas are posted in advance of every meeting and attendance by the public is welcomed.

Perhaps most important in these times of tight government budgets, the Fondation is fully self-funded, requiring no taxpayer subsidy. All expenses are paid out of its own funds generated from its development activities.

Surplus funds are held for a public purpose to be invested in our schools and other public facilities for the education of our children. Current policy provides for these funds to be used for the "brick-and-mortar" mission of the Foundation.

Providing Financial Assistance to the William S. Hart Union High School District

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